Needed: Candidates for 2020 Penguicon Convention Chair



The Penguicon Board is currently looking for people interested in being the 2020 Penguicon Convention Chair.  Yes, this is the person “in charge”, the one that organizes running the whole event for that year.  If you’ve been involved with Penguicon (or even if you haven’t, but know about us and think you would make a good candidate) please e-mail me and put your name in for our consideration.  We will ask candidates to come to the January Penguicon Board meeting to talk to us about why you think you would make a good Chair for Penguicon 2019, what you bring to the convention, and why you’d have a boatload of fun doing it. (A carload will not be sufficient, you must be prepared to have at least a boatload.  A *big* boat.)

The key information:

The job: The convention Chair is responsible for everything having to do with organizing, running, and surviving each year’s Penguicon.  They have complete authority over the convention, subject only to the Penguicon’s Bylaws, permanent policies, and the budget.  They solicit guests, find volunteers, organize departments, arrange a hotel, filter suggestions, herd cats, whack moles, and discourage programming suggestions that would run afoul of either the fire department or police.  (Or, instead of discouraging them, they find a way to do them *without* running afoul of local laws!)  They also get to coordinate the work of dozens of bright, motivated, fascinating and enthusiastic staff members, and hopefully delegate most of the work to them.  For this massive and difficult task, they receive no compensation, have to sweat blood, might possibly get an occasional thank you, and enjoy the love of a thousand and some odd (some very odd) convention attendees that think that Penguicon is the neatest thing since sliced bread, and actually probably a bit neater, since, after all, sliced bread really IS kind of yesterday.

Applying: Send an e-mail with your name and contact information (e-mail and phone, please) to me at this address: SteveGutterman at GMail dot com.  Do this before January 12, 2019; because on that day at HIGH NOON (12pm EST) we will ask you to come to the Penguicon Board and talk to us about your interest in being the ConChair.  Also feel free to e-mail me at that same address if you’d just like more information.

We very much encourage all interested to apply, and anyone interested in talking to the candidates is invited to the January Board meeting.  (All Penguicon Board meetings are open to all interested persons. Or even disinterested persons.) This meeting will be held at the following location:

PenguiCorp World Headquarters
29200 Lake Park Dr
Farmington Hills, MI 48331

You can see a map to the location here:
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Room with a speaker panel and audience

Programming Submissions and Suggestions

Room with a speaker panel and audienceIt is finally time!  Time to submit your ideas to help bring all of the things to Penguicon 2019.  This year we have streamlined things a bit by putting everything in one form. So whether you want to suggest programming, run a panel yourself, or have ideas for a special event this document will be a one stop spot for you.   Each event, panel, or suggestion will need a separate submission. So, if you have a lot of ideas you may want to pace yourself.

We are really fortunate this year to have almost all of our programming team in place as of the October ConCom meeting.  However, we do still have a few key positions that need to be filed. We are still looking for a Content Liaison and a Sched Master.  The job descriptions can be found here and if you are interested in either position please email  

The form can be found here.

This year’s cut off for suggestions/submissions will be February 28,2019.  

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Welcome to 2019!

picture of current and past conchair Jessica Roland and Scott KennedyOnce in a while you stumble through the doors of a magical place and realize just what you have been missing in your life up to that point.  That is how it felt for me seven years ago when I attended my first Penguicon and every year since. I have enjoyed working to bring this awesome Con into existence and this year it is my honor to be the 2019 ConChair.

Each year the ConChair gets to bring their own flavor to Penguicon and this year we may have a few timey whimey surprises. We always like to learn and we continue to grow and evolve including the feedback of our ever expanding and engaging community.  In 2019 will be bringing back familiar favorites like the Maker Market, the Author Book Store, LN2 Ice Cream, the computer lab, hackerspace, unique GOHs, featured guests, panels, and awesome special events. We are hoping to add some new programming and community events  throughout the year to keep you excited. We will also be doing some behind the scenes work to help bring you the best Con possible year after year.

Our focus this year is Open Source Education, we are currently scouring the globe and taking your suggestions, which you can submit here for Guests of Honor.  Even if you have someone that doesn’t fit the bill precisely, but think would be amazing for our community, please suggest them!

We had a bit of a late start this year, but rest assured, we are working hard to make things happen and look forward to sharing all the things with you as soon as we can.  If you would like to help make things happen or just have general questions feel free to reach out to myself at or my communications team at


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author image of Saladin Ahmed

Saladin Ahmed, 2019 Penguicon Guest of Honor!

I am so pleased to announce our first featured guest for 2019, Saladin Ahmed!image of author Saladin Ahmed

Saladin Ahmed’s first novel, Throne Of The Crescent Moon, was nominated for the Hugo and Nebula Awards, praised by George RR Martin as “a rollicking swashbuckler,” and won the Locus Award for Best First Novel. Saladin’s short fiction, essays, and poems have appeared in The New York TimesThe Boston Globe, Slate, Salon, and BuzzFeed. Recently he has focused on comics, winning the Eisner Award for Best New Series for Black Bolt, and penning the critically-acclaimed Exiles and Quicksilver: No Surrender for Marvel Comics. Saladin has also created the original series Abbott, an occult thriller set in 1970s Detroit, for Boom Studios.

You can keep up with everything that Saladin has coming out by following him on twitter.


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