picture of current and past conchair Jessica Roland and Scott KennedyOnce in a while you stumble through the doors of a magical place and realize just what you have been missing in your life up to that point.  That is how it felt for me seven years ago when I attended my first Penguicon and every year since. I have enjoyed working to bring this awesome Con into existence and this year it is my honor to be the 2019 ConChair.

Each year the ConChair gets to bring their own flavor to Penguicon and this year we may have a few timey whimey surprises. We always like to learn and we continue to grow and evolve including the feedback of our ever expanding and engaging community.  In 2019 will be bringing back familiar favorites like the Maker Market, the Author Book Store, LN2 Ice Cream, the computer lab, hackerspace, unique GOHs, featured guests, panels, and awesome special events. We are hoping to add some new programming and community events  throughout the year to keep you excited. We will also be doing some behind the scenes work to help bring you the best Con possible year after year.

Our focus this year is Open Source Education, we are currently scouring the globe and taking your suggestions, which you can submit here for Guests of Honor.  Even if you have someone that doesn’t fit the bill precisely, but think would be amazing for our community, please suggest them!

We had a bit of a late start this year, but rest assured, we are working hard to make things happen and look forward to sharing all the things with you as soon as we can.  If you would like to help make things happen or just have general questions feel free to reach out to myself at conchair19@penguicon.org or my communications team at communications@penguicon.org