Karen Corbeill, Guest of Honor 2019

Karen Corbeill’s passions and skills range from welding and web design to cosplay and crochet. She’s also cares deeply about helping girls and women acquire skills and enter non-traditional trades.

Karen has been involved in the Maker Movement since 2010 and gained experience at i3 Detroit, where she was the Education & Events Coordinator and was elected president before she moved to Madison, WI in 2013.

She founded STEAMboat Workshops in Madison to inspire young people through hands-on STEAM experimentation and creation. She also co-founded an adult maker group, Mad City Makers, and The Bodgery, a maker/hackerspace that now has about 150 members. Karen has presented classes for adults and children on welding, lock picking, wood working, sewing, needle felting, and more.

Karen was part of the Ben Heck show for over two years and now researches, writes, and produces The Learning Circuit, where she shares her self-taught electronics expertise. For ten years she has been helping organize the Power Racing Series, an international electric car racing league for adults. She holds the record for most wins for a single driver.

You can find out more about the Learning Circuit here, STEAMboat Workshops here, and the Bodgery here.