So what is Make It Count! ? It’s a micro-volunteer position that any attendee can particpate in, and it’s easy! Either use our form to sign up now, or visit Program Ops during the Con to sign up in person.

Just choose the panel you want to attend. At 15 minutes past the hour, do a quick head count. Then you can either email your head count to Program Ops, or swing by Program Ops in the Algonquin Ballroom Lobby and report in after the panel. Once you give us your panel name and the number of people who attended, you get a sticker!

Supplies are limited. We ask that you sign up for one panel/event. Burlesque, Opening & Closing Ceremonies are not included in this offer. Participants must pick up their sticker at Ops.

  1. You choose the panel you attend.
  2. You do a quick Head Count and report it back to Program Ops after the panel.
  3. You micro-volunteer and help out Penguicon.
  4. You Make It Count! (and help make next year even better in the process.)

Sign up today, or see us at Program Ops!