strong character stickerPromoting Creators in our Community

Intended to highlight our community artists, Penguicon’s Maker Market spotlights crafts, art, and electronic projects. We do not accept resale vendors, which means our vendors have created or designed the products they sell.

Makers are selected by the Con Committee based on quality, variety, type of merchandise, relevance to the Penguicon concepts (Open Source and SF or general fandom), and whatever adds the most to the Penguicon experience.

These vendors (and more) can be found in the Secure Maker Market Room, just down the hall from the Registration Desk.

Makers in our Maker Market

Geeks with ScissorsGeeks-with-Scissors

Everyday Gear for the Everyday Geek.

We make useful, durable, spectacularly geeky items for everyday wear and use. Wallets. Purses. Skirts. Bags.

Things to show off your geeky side, while being supremely practical.

Kemmer WoodworksKemmer-Woodworks

Kemmer Woodworks makes quality handmade wood products from both domestic and exotic woods.

We offer cutting boards, butcher blocks, plates, bowls and mugs.

We also have dice towers, dice trays and dice vaults along with board games such as chess, checkers, mancala and nine man’s Morris.

Lightning Bug CraftsLightning-Bug-Crafts

Lightning Bug Crafts was born at Penguicon 2018, after working with our sister business, Lyra’s Starshine.

We make unique artwork, games, jewelry, and more by wood burning, drawing, painting, inlay, carving, and “captured lightning” pyrography.

If it’s made of wood, we’ll put artwork on it. If not, we’ll recreate it.

Lyra’s StarshineLyra's-starshine

Lyra’s Starshine is a family-run business named for our young daughter, who is named after a constellation.

We etch our original and your custom designs into granite and glass, capture lightning in wood, and produce fabric, vinyl and leather arts.

From sewn to stone, we’ll help you make it your own.

Mystic MetalworksMystic-Metalworks

Mystic Metalworks is a Michigan based company who sells unique, handcrafted chainmaille and scalemaille oddities.

From hacky sacks to dice bags to tops, we love finding new ways to use our rings and scales.

Stop by to see our latest creations as well as our Penguicon penguin keychains!