A slide from a Stephen Hawking presentationGreetings Penguicon Program Participants,

We encourage all program participants, whenever possible, to share the electronic materials they created in the process of creating their event. Even if you do not need to do so in order to earn a discounted rate, it is a service to your community.

If your event is not a typical talk (say, a sewing workshop), you may provide, for example, the sewing pattern which you are demonstrating. You may provide a print-and-play PDF version of the board game you invented and are running in the game room. The roleplaying game module you created. The recipe you are teaching in the food track. And so on.

Panelists who provide at least 3 or more hours of programming during Penguicon, or submit their materials to be shared with our community via a creative commons license, in advance, will pay $30. You can find more information about Creative Commons at creativecommons.org.

To submit your digital materials, send them (or a link where we can download them) to programops@penguicon.org and please cc Matt@penguicon.org.

The Deadline for submissions is April 19, 2019.

Looking forward to seeing you at Penguicon,
Lithie Dubois – Head of Program Ops