PamAfter Dark Track Featured Guest: Pam

Pam (aka TheMtnLioness) is the current President of the Board of Education (aka the BOE) and has been involved with the BOE since before its inception. In her many roles with the BOE organization, she helps host weekly kink classes and monthly kink parties at a local Michigan venue.

She has helped many people understand and express their kinky desires through the BOE Mentorship Course (which is a long term kink self development program). She has been an avid educator and student during her time in the community, which has been many years longer than she cares to admit. Her passions have lead her to develop a significant amount of experience with many different kink styles, fetishes, and types of play. She loves to help people grow and introduce new people to the community. Her passion for kink education is intoxicating and will be contagious as she helps you on your way to self discovery and fun.

You can find out more information about The BOE or contact Pam via

Track Highlights

Spooky Stories with Marshmallows on Top

I’ll bring the hot cocoa, you bring your real-life spooky, creepy or just strange paranormal stories. An open mind is encouraged, but you’re welcome to think we’re all weirdos and just enjoy cocoa and storytime. Join us as we share some personal “no s*it, there I was” experiences. An event to savor. (Marshmallows and sharing optional.) This event is 18+.


One of the best local teams is coming out to Penguicon for one night only! Join Dracose and SirWill for this electrifying presentation that will bring a new energy into your play. This event is 18+.

Sketchy Nonsense Live Podcast 2: We’re Doing It Again

Sketchy Nonsense is back again to do our patented (not actually patented) live podcast! Come see a group of guys do some live improv comedy for your listening pleasure. And also drink beer. And ALSO also, you can drink it with us! Sample the “Beer of the Week” with us. This event is 21+, so bring your big boy/girl/non-gender conforming pants and have a fun time!

Fetish and Fluff: The Curious Side of the Furry Fandom

This panel is to dive into the curiosity that is the fetish side of the furry fandom. This event is 18+.

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