Grace CockingDIY Track Featured Guest: Grace Cocking

In 2008, Grace joined her local fiber group Chicago Knitters Unite and her interest in knitting and crochet went from casual hobby to serious passion.  After eventually assuming leadership of CKU she became a teacher for a local yarn shop.

Four years ago Grace found herself presented with a dream opportunity to work as a dyer for indie yarn companies Lorna’s Laces and Mrs. Crosby. One of her greatest joys of working in so many aspects of the yarn community is meeting so many different people.

Grace believes that for communities to grow and thrive, we must all embrace and encourage diversity.

Track Highlights

DIY Escape Room Game

For the last few years escape rooms have been the big craze for group gaming experiences. However, they can be expensive to go to and you have to get a large enough group together to book the rooms. What if you could make your own game for your events or parties? Well you can! Come learn some basics on creating your own escape rooms. See examples of puzzles, clues, and different styles of game design from the people that have put on the Penguicon games for the last few years.

Rave & Circus Toys

You’ve seen all those glowy and flashy toys at a rave or in a video. If you’ve ever wondered what they are or how to use them, then this panel is for you. Many of those toys are adapted from the circus world, and there will be two professional circus performers here to answer those questions.

Building and Flying a Real Aircraft

Join a flight instructor to talk about and see the process, tools, and options for building a real aircraft from a kit. We will also discuss learning to fly.

Make Your Own Cardboard Automata

Create a hand cranked moving sculpture using engineering mechanics!

Paint Like an 18th Century Master for $30 or Less

Learning to paint realistically is traditionally very expensive and requires students to be very mobile and coordinated. You have to go to a class, stand for hours at a time, be great with your hands, have awesome eyesight, and spend hundreds of dollars on gear. I’ll show you how to use some very cheap or free gear and a cardboard box to teach yourself how to paint realistically in your own home in the most economical and accessible way I know. This method of study should work for almost anyone even if they have limited mobility, eyesight, hand coordination, and economic resources while having fun and enjoying the experience of painting.

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