Gaming Track Featured Guests: Casey O’Donnell and Hermione Banger

Casey ODonnellCasey O’Donnell is an Associate Professor of game design and development at Michigan State University.

His book, “Developer’s Dilemma” is published by MIT Press.

He has previously worked as a video game developer.

Fellowship of Fools: The (Friendship) Game is his first self-published non-digital game.

Hermione Banger is a pseudonym (obviously) for a non-binary witch who writes about witchcraft, anarchism, and dabbles in crafting, camming and game development.

Fellowship of Fools: The (Friendship) Game is their first self-published non-digital game.

Track Highlights

How to Kill your Players: GMing 101

One of a series of three panels on RPGs. Ever wonder how some players can speak of the death of a beloved character with adoration and whimsy in their eyes at they tell the story? Need some tips on how to up your GM game? Well, stop on by and let Sarge give you some pointers on how to set up exciting situations, how to treat your players so they accept the eventual TPK, and even better, how to leave them telling stories about your games for ages.

Fellowship of Fools: Friendship Edition

Fellowship of Fools (FoF) is a game about relationships. Making friends takes time, communication and honesty. For many, making friends and forging new connections can be difficult or even feel impossible. FoF is a game that gives you an opportunity to get to know people through conversation, vulnerability and finding common ground.

Making Your Gaming Dollars Go Farther

Now is a great time to be a gamer. There are more games, miniatures, and accessories than anyone could ever imagine. Sadly, most of them cost money. Disposable income is a finite resource, but if there is one thing that gamers can be good at it is managing resources. I’m a single dad of two kids so I try to make every dollar I spend on gaming stretch as far as possible. Let’s share tips and secrets.

DemonLobster Presents 8 Player Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Take a load off on a lazy Sunday morning with some donuts, some coffee, and some Smash! It’s all for fun here! All matches will be pure casual fun, with time rules and items on. Drop in for a single round or stay for the whole session. Just swing by and have some smashing fun!

Unpublished Prototype: GaiaVora

BG; Players fill the rotating cardboard planet of Gaia with verdant life. Arrange your carnivores, herbivores, and plants, so you can eat your opponents, under the light of Vora, the moon. Survive on the highest stacks of land tiles, when the final meteor strikes!

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