Bearded individual holding a bottle and a stuffed t-rexMayhem Track Featured Guest: T-Rex from the Jurassic Party

The team behind Jurassic Party were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

InGen scientists have been serving up the Dino DNA since Penguicon 2016, and this year they’re back for two nights of stomping, roaring fun.

If you see any stray dinosaurs roaming around the convention, don’t panic, they probably just want to dance.

Track Highlights

Family Feud

Let’s play some Family Feud, fandom edition! Everything from the man in the blue box to Firefly! Let’s go!

Morning Rave

Come party in the AM! Get pumped up and dance your heart out, calm down with some yoga, and help yourself to some coffee and tea.

Penguin Hunt

Hunt down the elusive alien race of Pengui who are here because they thought Penguicon was a call from their mothership to send them home. They are a friendly but skittish bunch so we ask that you only observe them where they are by taking their picture. You will be rewarded for your skills of observation when you present your captured image to the ConChair, Jessica Roland.

Furry Delivery Service

Be on the lookout for Penguicon’s furry friend who will be making special deliveries around the con.

To see the rest of the track and all the rest of the events at Penguicon, check out our Schedule for 2019!