Tribble AdoptionsMedia Track Highlights

Turning Your Hobby Into A Profession

Join Mikey Mason as he talks you through the process by which he made the leap from middle-management to full-time comedian to full time geek entertainer. Learn how you can apply his lessons learned to your own life and potentially use them to help make your hobby your profession, as well as some of the pitfalls you might encounter during such a transition (and hopefully, how to avoid them.)

The Dark Side — The Reanimation of Horror

There has been a resurgence of dark speculative fiction in the past few years. Numerous movies and television programs have appeared including many created by specific platforms (Amazon Prime, Netflix). What is behind this reappearance of horror, or has it been there lurking in the shadows all along?

Recreating Viking History

Join Danny Hansen as he talks about how creating historical jewelry led to recreating Viking history on the TV show Vikings.

Surviving Social Media Visibility

Social media has provided many people the opportunity to make a name for themselves and build a following in ways that were never possible before. However, finding success and a platform comes with many downsides. Harassment, stalkers, hate mail, threats of violence, doxxing, and burnout are all common experiences for those with significant social media visibility. We’ll discuss the best and worst of social media experiences, and how we learn to cope.

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