Solar System Ambassadors sign

Photo: David Rozian

Science Track Highlights

Arts & Scraps Workshop: Make a 100% Green Costume!

Make a green costume or cosplay! Have you ever wanted to make a costume out of unconventional materials? Did you think you could do it in an hour? Come learn and play with Arts & Scraps and use recycled industrial materials to create a new outfit that inspires and transforms! Learn about the 4 R’s (yup, there’s 4) and how you can incorporate green practices into your life as a maker.

Beekeeper Bootcamp

Want to help save the bees? Find out if you have what it takes to be an apiarist in the modern era of beekeeping.

STEM Projects for the Young at Heart

Guest of Honor Karen Corbeill has created many projects over the years using cheap or free materials. This has helped her learn and explore the principles of science, technology, engineering, and math. Come learn inspire love of STEM in yourself and maybe even your children too!

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