Sheryl and Brigit with a Volunteer banner behind them

Photo: David Rozian

Penguicon is an all-volunteer non-profit convention full of opportunities to not just spectate but participate!  We depend on you to step up and steer the ship with the rest of us.

If you ever wanted to be involved in making the event better (it can always improve!), volunteering is a great place to begin.

Fear not, you also get some really cool perks for volunteering!

If you work 10 hours, you can get your badge reimbursed, 8 hours gets you a badge next year, and 2 hours gets you a night in one of our rooms reserved especially for our volunteers!

Every department needs hands, arms, and legs, but we have work for people of most all abilities! Please join our team this year.

Just send an email to if you want to help!