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Programming Schedule Master – (Position filled on 1/17/2019)

  • Main contact and master for Sched, our online event database
  • Schedule conflict resolution – presenters, room requirements (size and A/V, nearby volume concerns, etc)
  • Create fold-out pocket guide
  • Create printed schedule booklet via exporting Sched
  • Work with Communications to present the list of events and the schedule on the Penguicon web site.
  • Creates the google form to capture all of the programming suggestions
  • Attends the Programming Scheduling meeting

Programming Content Liaison

  • Assist in curating all programming with track heads
  • Follow up with track heads to ensure that all suggestions are followed up with and no personal preferences stand in the way of valuable content
  • Provide suggestions for featured guests
  • Each track should have at least one featured guest if possible.
  • Create small gift bags for featured guests-a few pieces of swag
  • Ensure that each featured guest has an image and bio that is sent to the Communication head for promotion
  • Co-Host programming meetings
  • Help edit panel descriptions and refine titles for programming books, with any meaningful changes (beyond copy editing) going to presenters ahead of printing

Roving Ops

  • Ops eyes in the field
  • Specifically on floors where there isn’t representation for ops
  • Checks on parties to ensure compliance prior to opening (suggest changes to ensure compliance but leave enforcement to Ops or Hotel ConCom)
  • Checks throughout party times to ensure compliance
  • Roves halls during party times to help limit consent issues
  • Penguipit escorts
  • Should have Radio
  • Trained in conflict resolution